As an industry leader in cyber security in Nigeria, ANIEKOV is a single-source service provider of IT cyber security solutions. Our managed security services can be customized to meet the information security needs of small or large-scale organizations.

Don’t let cyber threats derail your operations. Contact us to protect your business from cyber security threats!
Complete Cyber Security Management System
• Cutting-edge information security technology (cloud, hardware and software)
• Turnkey enterprise cyber security services
• Advanced network security analytics and threat intelligence
• 24/7/365 live agent support for incident response and security monitoring
• Real-time reporting and recommendations for improved security awareness

IT Recruitment and Staffing

In today’s economy, jobs in the information technology (IT) sector are highly specialized. At the same time, IT specialists with the right mix of training, experience and expertise are becoming harder and harder to find for many companies.
Now that information technology systems are absolutely vital to the daily operations of most companies, these two trends have made it difficult, if not completely impossible, for employers to fill a specialized IT position with internal talent.

That’s why ANIEKOV offers IT recruiting and staffing services to help companies fill important positions and meet their information technology needs.

Don’t let your company be held back by a staffing shortage, contact our IT recruitment specialists today. We’ll find you a candidate that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations in short order.
At ANIEKOV, our team of recruiters help clients with short or long-term contracts for in-demand IT positions. Whether you need a cloud architect, network specialist or software developer, our recruitment specialists leverage an extensive network of contacts to find the right candidate.

Our recruitment and staffing services include:
• Candidate pre-selection
• Verification of candidate career history, qualifications and expertise
• Validation of costs and budgets
• Job-specific contracts

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud-based solutions tailored to your business needs so you can work and collaborate better online
The traditional business model of hardware acquisition, deployment and maintenance is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The future of IT services lies in the cloud.
As the needs of business and their services continue to evolve online, companies of all sizes will need to find agile and responsive IT services. IT services delivered through cloud-based technology does just that.
We provide the business solutions companies need to thrive.

IT Services and Solutions, Powered by the Cloud

At ANIEKOV, our offices provide top cloud consulting services for companies across Nigeria to help them find the cloud services they need to achieve desired business outcomes.
Delivered as managed services, cloud solutions from ANIEKOV are designed by expert cloud consultants and delivered within the requested budget, timeline and specifications. Hosted in secure data centers in Lagos, Nigeria, our cloud technology solutions open up a new world of possibilities.

ANIEKOV Cloud Consultancy Services: IT Solutions Tailored to Your Business

No matter what kind of IT project your company is about to undertake, our team of cloud computing experts will help you find the cloud services you need.
As an IT services company with a culture centered on customer service and technical know how, the ANIEKOV team of cloud consultants offer more than cloud support services and IT strategy consulting. They help our clients achieve new heights through managed IT services and cloud consulting expertise.

Professional IT Consulting Services for Your Organization

Our consulting services are at the heart of the projects we establish and implement with you. We take the time to fully understand your reality before adequately advising you on the best possible avenues to achieve your business goals.

ANIEKOV replaces your outdated technology, establishes cybersecurity systems, and more to get your business running better, stronger, faster. Our global reach makes it possible for us to utilize shared knowledge and experience for your benefit. We meet the challenges of troubleshooting and other concerns while improving your organization’s development so that it can block the most sophisticated of threats.

Our consultants have all the capabilities, certifications, and qualifications needed to solve your current problems; we have a collective knowledge of various industries to better serve your company. We guide you to optimal solutions that are tailored to your needs, so you can maximize your investment and attain your objectives. We help you answer the following questions:

• What are the best solutions for our organization?
• How can we leverage these solutions to work better?
• How can we establish, implement, and manage future solutions?
• How should we properly plan our IT Investments?

IT Infrastructure Structure Solution in Nigeria

With a structured plan of action, our consultants reduce companies’ downtime, safeguard the value of data, and clear the way for business initiatives to grow.
Best-in-class IT infrastructure solutions tailored to your business needs
The IT infrastructure of a company represents the basis of its technological functioning. Installed physically or accessible from the Cloud, your IT infrastructure must enable you to work in the best possible way to achieve your business objectives.

Our infrastructure solutions are implemented with the latest technologies from the best manufacturers. Whether it is a refresh of your current infrastructure or a completely new architecture, you will benefit from a turnkey service for your organization by entrusting us with the project. We will help you with the following questions :

• What are the best solutions for our organization?
• How will these solutions enable us to work better?
• How to establish, implement and manage these solutions?
• How to properly plan our future IT investments?

IT Procurement and Deployment Services

Facilitate the acquisition and deployment of IT hardware and IT solutions with a personalized service tailored to your needs
Hardware acquisition and management can quickly become a tedious task for any organization. Whether you choose specific models, delivery, installation or even how to acquire the right equipment, you can ensure a turnkey service across Nigeria by using ANIEKOV as a partner.

Our procurement and deployment services help simplify the acquisition process to enable you to standardize and improve the management of your assets at the most competitive cost on the market. Our clients use these services to refocus their efforts and skills towards strategic activities and take advantage of our order management systems and the expertise of our team in order to obtain a personalized service tailored to their needs. We will help you with the following :

• What are the best options for your organization?
• How to acquire, deploy and install specific hardware?
• How to properly manage the solutions?
• How to choose between a capital expense and an operating expense

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